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This plastic bag is 100% biodegradable

Biodegradable plastics cannot biodegrade if they are buried in the landfill or left in the sea.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires landfills to block out air, moisture and sunlight which are the crucial elements for proper biodegradation.

Supermarkets distribute biodegradable plastic bags telling you to reuse the bags and you feel really good reusing them for trash. Or you choose to buy biodegradable trash bags rather than normal trash bags? Who doesn’t want to help the environment, right? That means that if your bag is like most “biodegradable” bags, after filling them with trash, tied them up throw them away, picked up by the sanitary workers and trucks, transported to the landfill, buried in the landfill, will stay as the plastics bags you see and changes nothing.

Biodegradable plastics typically can’t be recycled with other plastic items.

It evaluated two brands of OXO- degradable and hydro-degradable bags, indicates that neither type of bag are perfectly compatible with the traditional plastic grocery bag recycling stream. When biodegradable trash bags wind up in landfills, decomposition happens at a much slower rate than if the trash were exposed to air, light and moisture.

What about OXO- Biodegradable Bags

The Thai Bio plastics Industry Association is being urged to clarify its stance on whether OXO- biodegradable plastics known as “OXOS”- should be termed biodegradable, as they are by some supermarket operators. The difference between OXOS and biodegradable plastics are not clear among the public, said Wolfgang Baltus, the senior project manager with the National Innovation Agency.

Service and Facilities

Located in the industrial hub Atherstone, United Kingdom, our sprawling manufacturing plant and distributing is buzzing with activity.

To deliver on the promise of world-class quality, it is fitted out with top-notch infrastructure and state-of-the-art machinery. We possess highly sophisticated production equipment and testing facilities.

Since we have stringent quality parameters in place, our testing equipment is equipped to fulfill all the necessary requirements of assembly and test measurements of our product line. Primary testing is carried out throughout the development phase. In addition, a proper traceability pattern is in place for providing transparent tracking of products.

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