Fuji Trading Co LTD in U.K.

Logistic and International Shipping

The growth of Global trade cooperation and managerial operations Middle East area to United Kingdom, Fuji Plastic set clear different products as to cover the market for the significance of this market by ensuring regular trips of containers considering the sea freight.

Furthermore, continuously ensures sufficient flexibility to arrange shipments when needed to clients if partners business happened to meet the needs of its customers.

Fuji Plastic Continuers Logistic

Fuji Plastic Continuers achievement reach of excellent Goods Supplies remains faithful to its commitment during the crucial period of its early years by providing international trade and logistics services that meet customers’ needs in time, cost and efficiency.

Logistics Coordinator

The role of a logistic coordinator is in overseeing the entire order fulfillment cycle from preparation to transportation to delivery of products. They also assist in monitoring production levels as well as facilitate correspondences with suppliers and freight forwarders.

Fuji U.K. Transportation Objective

Is to deliver orders to customers as quickly as possible Fuji U.K. For Plastic Bag is looking to diversify their business into transportation services and leased more than 11 cargo planes from the Southampton port in U.K. and from our Warehouse transit services by shipping and delivery service meant to complement existing providers like other big logistic companies They are separate logistics providers contracted to pick up deliveries at Fuji U.K. Plastic Bags warehouses and sorting centres for distribution.

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